The Story of Lluvia Nutrition

Lluvia Nutrition originated with a mission of alleviating world hunger and providing nutritional products (Lipid-based Nutrient Supplement–Medium Quantity (“LNS-MQ”) for use by institutions caring for malnourished individuals and people with HIV/Aids.

Later, Lluvia Nutrition entered the therapeutic food market and became a supplier of therapeutic foodstuffs to international and local Aids organisations such as the United Nations Children’s Education Fund (“UNICEF”) and World Food Program (WFP) in programmatic countries.

Lluvia Nutrition produces therapeutic foods enriched with protein, essential vitamins, minerals, energy and essential fatty acids. The products are used in treating Severe Acute Malnutrition and for a wide spectrum of patients and disease conditions.

Today, Lluvia Nutrition is a significant supplier of specialised foods to local and international markets. 

The business distributes its products globally, through various international, multi-national, and local aid organisations and NGOs.

The World Health Organisation deems Lluvia Nutrition as a strategic partner in fighting malnutrition and is one of the 5 largest producers of therapeutic foods globally and the only major producer in Africa. Approximately 90% of the product produced is exported.  

Facilities & Technology

Lluvia Nutrition operates from a uniquely designed production facility in Cape Town and the layout covers a combined area in excess of 10 000 m² and is well situated to take advantage of the Cape Town harbour, to get food aid products shipped and delivered in emergency situations.

Storage and Distribution Facilities

Lluvia Nutrition is well situated to take advantage of the Cape Town harbour, to get food aid products shipped and delivered in emergency situations.

Production Facilities and Food Safety Management

The production facilities have housing equipment designed with food safety in mind. Customised conveying and transport methods protect our sensitive food from the extreme weather of Cape Town.

Our production facilities manufacture a wide range of therapeutic and supplementary nutritional food products, using the latest technology, food science and a dynamic operations team.

Lluvia Nutrition’s Food Safety Management System guarantees a consistent safe food supply under hygienic conditions.  We comply with all relevant South African legislation and approved codes of best practice. A testament to our commitment to the quality and traceability of all our products.

Lluvia Nutrition undergoes regular quality inspections by UNICEF, WFP, MSF, and other international aid organizations as needed.

Our Mission and Goals

To develop long-term relationships with customers.

To deliver our products both locally and internationally, as the need arises.

To establish a solid supplier relationship based on Quality and Service.

To provide food-safe and consistently high-quality products, repeatedly meeting customer requirements.

Unit 1, Heron Park, 5 Wildevoëlvlei Rd, Kommetjie, Cape Town, 7975

Tel: +27 87 808 0662